Charlie is a stunning Beauford Convertible Tourer in Olde English White. He has a brand new jet black Mohair Hood that folds back in seconds. Without doubt he exudes Class and Style.

An amazing interior – Rich Ruby red seats, 1950s dashboard, and English leather upholstery with an authentic aroma from the period. Powered by a burbling 6 cylinder engine he glides effortlessly across the ground and carries the Bride and Groom to their Wedding in style. Completely fitted out with white sheepskin rugs, personalised ribbons and colour matching flowers he really is the only way to be transported on your Wedding day.

After the service we will whisk you both off for a private 15 minute photo opportunity to let you get your breath back while your Chauffeur pours you both a chilled glass of Bubbly. And as you pull off to start a new life together, everyone who is following will know you’re on your special day with a “Just Married” sign on the trunk box.

 Personalised Ribbons available on all cars – £30
All our vehicles are equipped with: Satellite Navigation, Mobile Phones, Safety Pins, Hair Brush and Comb,Wet Wipes, Dusters, Mints, Tissues, Mirrors and Hairspray

you can trust Satin and Lace for a totally professional service