Lewis is our Brilliant Black and White Two Tone, 7 seater Daimler Laundalette Open Tourer with the number plate BIG SMLE and is certainly a most stunning, head turning car offering unashamed luxury on the Big Day.

His paintwork is in Brilliant white with a Black Hood, Bonnet and Boot giving off a lush reflection which is picked up in the wedding photos enhancing the colours and patinas of the Bridal partys outfits.

Added to this his most magnificent leather interior complimented by deep pile sheepskin rugs with a highly polished Walnut dashboard and door cappings and you can see why he will be a top favourite with our customers.

Lewis is classed as a Laundalette, this means we are able to convert the back seat roof area into an open top tourer in two minutes.

Now the Bride or Bridesmaids can enjoy the benefits of an open tourer and maintain their hairstyles without a care.

Lewis is unashamed luxury from head to toe, he is powered by a V8 4.2 litre 6 cylinder Jaguar engine and is so quiet he purrs like a big cat.

He is able to accommodate the Bridal Party or the Bridesmaids and other family members with seating for seven people in the back if required.

He would make a great partner for Barnaby as a two car Wedding package offering an ideal colour match.

And finally he has the added benefit of a most unique number plate


what every Bride and Groom will have on their faces on their BIG DAY.


Personalised Ribbons available on all cars – £30
All our vehicles are equipped with: Satellite Navigation, Mobile Phones, Safety Pins, Hair Brush and Comb,Wet Wipes, Dusters, Mints, Tissues, Mirrors and Hairspray

you can trust Satin and Lace for a totally professional service